The Covid 19 Pandemic created challenges to fulfill the Mission of HUB as described below.  We have instituted CDC protocols including social distancing, wearing masks, and sanitization of our warehouse storage site. 

HUB has also made a strategic shift to focus it's mission for the foreseeable future to the local communities in need in Alabama and other Southeast states. Our primary aim to collect medical supplies surplus from clinics and tertiary care centers and match them to rural and low resourced primary care and hospital institutions with shortages remains the same. 

Because of travel restrictions on professional experts, disruptions in exit/entry of people and products at airports and other ports of entry, and delays in international shipping, our focus on global assistance is suspended for the time being.  It will resume as conditions for travel and assurances of the health of those people who work and volunteer with HUB can be made according to CDC and WHO guidelines. 

HUB will partner with individuals, organizations, and health care facilities in low-/middle-income countries and serve as a resource for equipment, supplies, training, and education. This includes the distribution of medical supplies/equipment, biomedical training, and health education. HUB will collect donated supplies and equipment, sort them, and ship them to identified partners overseas at no cost to the recipient. Prior to shipping supplies, an onsite assessment process is conducted to ensure that supplies received will meet the specified needs of the recipients.

HUB Worldwide will provide biomedical training in these countries to promote income-generating activities for the local residents. Volunteers will also be sent to these countries to provide healthcare clinics and education.

Objectives of HUB:

  • Establish a donation network of local healthcare facilities

  • Distribute the donated supplies to partners in low-/middle income countries

  • Provide biomedical training and healthcare education with local partners at the distribution sites

  • Provide opportunities for volunteers to help local and international activities and operations

The mission of HUB Worldwide (HUB) is to support efforts that improve health for low-/middle-income countries (LMIC) through providing medical supplies and equipment, with concurrent biomedical equipment use and maintenance training, via a team of international and local technical experts.

HUB was launched in January 2019 to be a collection center in the Birmingham, Alabama area and provide training for recipients overseas. Birmingham was chosen as the first city in Alabama since there was no structure previously in place to reuse discarded supplies and equipment from healthcare providers.

Many low-/middle-income countries do not have access to adequate medical care, trained staff, or equipment/supplies to serve their populations. HUB seeks to to bridge the gap between facilities in the United States that have excess/unused supplies and equipment and organizations in other countries that desperately need these donations. Additionally, there is a great need to train local staff overseas to manage and maintain equipment as well as teach the latest healthcare techniques.


HUB Worldwide is local and global.

We take our role as environmental stewards seriously.

We are the only nonprofit in the state of Alabama that has this mission/vision.

HUB Worldwide includes its home, Alabama, in its global network. It has built relationships with several health care delivery facilities and health care training centers to supply them with equipment. For example, HUB will donate all near-expiration IV fluids to the local Humane Society https://gbhs.org and other animal and pet rescue centers. With a focus on training, HUB will donate to RC3, Riverchase Career Connection, a high school specialized in skilled trades, including EMT and nursing, their equipment requests. https://www.hoovercityschools.net/RC3   HUB has already established a delivery capability to some overseas sites by coordinating deliveries with local churches and their mission related travel. 

HUB Worldwide recognizes the vast local talent in the Birmingham area and statewide that can support and collaborate with HUB activities. HUB recognizes that community is not just "over there" but "right here" and intends to link them with ongoing redistribution of local medical surplus to sites around the globe.  

HUB Principles for Engagement 

  • Partnerships are recipient driven, rather than donor driven


  • Recipients determine their priorities of requested materials


  • Partnerships are developed with the goal of collegial/professional counterpart relationships at the community level, the field level, and includes relevant government ministries. 


  • Donated supplies in our inventory that are not wanted are not sent.


  • Donations will be vetted with recipients prior to shipping


  • Department heads will be notified of shipments, with a list of equipment sent and an ETA


  • When possible hospital/department wide single branding will be used to promote compatibility


  • An attempt will be made to continue with current department branding to ensure compatibility


  • Needs assessments will include primary, secondary and tertiary health care settings, with the knowledge that well supplied primary health care centers will decrease transfers to higher levels, and transfers will be potentially less acute.  


  • Equipment that is sent will come with the intent to provide a continuous supply of consumables related to the equipment, such as paper for EKG machines and cassettes for IV infusion pumps


  • Equipment will include the biomedical training necessary to maintain and repair as needed, with a process in place to access spare parts.

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