HUB Worldwide 2023 Impact Report
Published on: January 10, 2024

HUB Worldwide 2023 Impact Report

Celebrating 5 years of experience

A letter from our Founder & President

Dear HUB Partners,

Celebration is in the air as HUB Worldwide concludes our fifth year of dedicated service to communities in need! I am both humbled and inspired by the collective achievements we have accomplished due to your unwavering support since our inception in January 2019.

Over the past five years, your generosity has enabled us to allocate over $340,000 to under-resourced communities, both locally in Alabama and across the globe. The dedication of our volunteers, contributing a total of 1,110 hours, has been instrumental in the sorting, packing, and palletizing of essential items at our warehouse for distribution. Your financial support has left a permanent mark on every community we have focused on annually.

In 2023, thanks to the invaluable support from the Baptist Church of the Covenant, the City of Birmingham, The Susan Mott Webb Foundation, The O’Neal Foundation, and the Joseph S. Bruno Foundation, we collaborated with Alabama Regional Medical Services to distributed over $11,000 worth of supplies and equipment to clinics and residents in Jefferson County.

Furthering our impact, the support received from esteemed foundations such as the Berman Charitable Foundation, The Caring Foundation (BCBS of Alabama), Daniel Foundation, Medical Properties Trust, and the Mike and Gillian Goodrich Foundation has allowed us to continue our partnership with the Rural Health Medical Program, Inc. In 2023, we donated $12,256 in supplies and equipment to their clinics in the Black Belt, with plans to extend these projects into the central region of Alabama in 2024, while also exploring collaborative opportunities with likeminded organizations.

Internationally, our reach expanded as we shipped or distributed over $100,000 worth of supplies and equipment to Syria, Ukraine, Ecuador, and Ethiopia. More than half was directed to Syria through our partnership with the Syrian American Medical Society, a global medical relief organization at the forefront of crisis relief efforts in Syria and neighboring countries.

Sustaining and growing this great work takes tools, talent, and resources. To ensure on our sixth year of operations, we invite you to become a monthly donor today. Your ongoing support is crucial in expanding our staff, services, and outreach to further benefit residents in under-resourced communities. By adding more dedicated individuals to our team, we aim to enhance our services and explore additional avenues such as training, education, and strategic partnerships within the communities we serve.

Joining our cause is simple. Visit our website at or scan one of the QR codes below! Alternatively, you can make a one-time gift using the enclosed envelope.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to each one of you for your steadfast support of HUB over the past five years. I look forward to sharing more impactful stories with you as we continue to make a difference both locally and internationally.

Yours In Service,
Laura Gilmour

CAPTURING IMPACT – Annual Highlights & Achievements


  • Local: $23,600 to Alabama  Regional Medical Services and  the Rural Health Medical Program 
  • International: over $100,000 to Syria, Ukraine, Ecuador, and Ethiopia 
  • Total: over $124,456 distributed 


  • We recorded 336 volunteer hours worth over $10,600 thank you volunteers! 
    • African Students Association Baptist Church of the Covenant
    • Birmingham Islamic Society Global Health Interest Group
    • Muslim Students Association
    • UAB School of Nursing
    • UAB School of Public Health 


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