HUB Worldwide Partners with Health Services Incorporated (HSI)
Published on: November 10, 2020

For our most recent project, HUB Worldwide partnered with Health Services Incorporated (HSI)  to distribute supplies and equipment to several of their clinics in greatest need, including Lowndes County.

In August of this year, HUB conducted a Needs Assessment where we focused on four of their clinics and asked them to prioritize their needs. Afterwards, we had several follow-up phone calls and email exchanges to determine which items were most critical.

Ultimately, we determined that there were several items they truly needed that we did not have in our warehouse. That’s when we made the decision to use some of the funds to purchase these items. We transported the supplies and equipment to them in October, and once they place these items in their inventory system, they will begin distributing them to the clinics.

We’re proud to say that HUB was able to distribute $10,678.49 worth of supplies and equipment to Health Services Incorporated for their clinics.

We also had 36 volunteers who dedicated a total of 125 hours to sorting, packing, and palletizing the supplies for distribution to Health Services Incorporated last month.

In an interview last week with Mr. Gilbert Darrington, CEO of HSI, he reiterated that the supplies and equipment we donated to them were critical for their success in meeting the needs of the patients in the communities they serve. The four clinics we worked with see 21,347 patients each year, and the donated supplies will be used to help these patients.

We encourage you to hear what Mr. Gilbert Darrington, CEO of HSI, and Tamara White, Director of Nursing of HSI, have to say about the history and mission of HSI and why they’re excited about the future of the organization.

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